Formula DRIFT New Jersey - Top 5 Moments

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  1. Conner Kelly

    Conner Kelly

    28 dager siden

    Matt Field was absolutely clinical. He's transformed compared to previous seasons imo, he's driving just as good as the champs

  2. i want a GTR

    i want a GTR

    Måned siden

    Please the name backsound?

  3. Randy Ramlan

    Randy Ramlan

    Måned siden


  4. Brett A

    Brett A

    Måned siden

    theres no way with this place having a drag stip that they dont have some sort of track dryers to use and dry the track to get some decent runs in the dry, if klutchkickers can dry there track with leaf blowers im sure fd could do somthing

    • Rage Much

      Rage Much

      Måned siden

      It was pouring for 5 hours straight I was sitting in the bleachers

  5. Themayseffect


    Måned siden

    Why you guys not show Forsberg gapping Aasbo lol.

  6. Alencar Santos

    Alencar Santos

    Måned siden

    congratulations field

  7. d Wilson

    d Wilson

    Måned siden

    did I hear that announcer after congratulating Matt say that that was the perfect drift coliseum who the fuk is he trying to kid it's a silly stupid figure 8 on top of that they put it directly over concrete quarter mile drag strip. Seems to me that Jersey boys are smoking something funny. 🤯🤯

  8. jason birch

    jason birch

    Måned siden

    Undoubtedly the lamest top 5 I've ever seen in my life. SOLO DNF RUN is no 1? GTFOH. Denofa bump and spin is top 3 of the weekend? Come on....

    • jason birch

      jason birch

      22 dager siden

      LZ sucking it up is better than a solo FTW.

  9. Marshall


    Måned siden

    "Top 5 Moments"

    • jason birch

      jason birch

      Måned siden

      Bottom 5 are about the same borefest.

  10. kasun maduranga

    kasun maduranga

    Måned siden


  11. Philipp Frei

    Philipp Frei

    Måned siden

    i never get boring while looking the neon lights 💚💛❤️

  12. Peter Cupa

    Peter Cupa

    Måned siden

    Looks like practice with cleetus helped :)

    • Eddy Zboy

      Eddy Zboy

      Måned siden

      In fact

  13. Kay


    Måned siden

    the track was so ugly with all that rain. Anyway, great season so far, hope next round is a little more dry haha. Honestly, I just hope Irwindale is dry this year, thats my favorite track.

    • Kay


      Måned siden

      @d Wilson so glad to hear this bro, thanks.

    • d Wilson

      d Wilson

      Måned siden

      Irwindale irwindale is out here in California where it never f******rains. 👍

  14. P Mrt

    P Mrt

    Måned siden

    Congrats Matt Field!!

  15. daco11493


    Måned siden

    What about Taylor hulls sight lap?

  16. philynation


    Måned siden

    i was there

  17. Jadex 210

    Jadex 210

    Måned siden


  18. The Mexican Donkey

    The Mexican Donkey

    Måned siden

    Great video as usual!