Formula DRIFT Road Atlanta - Top 16 (ALL ACTION)

This video cuts out all commercials from the broadcast, just showing the Top 16 action.

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  1. nofian dhecka

    nofian dhecka

    10 dager siden


  2. CRIA150 YT

    CRIA150 YT

    16 dager siden

    doid pra ver o RENATO E O ERICK AEE!!1 E DIEGO HIGA!

  3. Cenas Maradas

    Cenas Maradas

    21 dag siden


  4. Longshlongjon


    23 dager siden

    Can we respect the drone catching these beast

  5. Pluto


    26 dager siden

    My name is Jeff

  6. Ikhsan Rafli

    Ikhsan Rafli

    26 dager siden

    Permission To Download A Video

  7. JackedTheProMC


    28 dager siden

    Lol did anyone else think the small drone was a bug on the screen

  8. Dhruv Mahesh

    Dhruv Mahesh

    Måned siden

    What tf kind of commentators r these… stupid asf



    Måned siden

    Well someone called me XD

  10. jon burger

    jon burger

    Måned siden

    bruh im sorry but i was going to watch but that sheesh in the first 5 seconds ruined my mood and made me write this and click off, have a great day

  11. Chimpanzee 5000

    Chimpanzee 5000

    Måned siden


  12. Oskar Moore MTB

    Oskar Moore MTB

    Måned siden

    90% of the dislikes are from the sheeesh

  13. leo9ug buvugu

    leo9ug buvugu

    Måned siden

    Cool video

  14. Alexander


    Måned siden

    when i heard the sheesh i knew it was gonna b good

  15. Siiick


    Måned siden

    Is it common practice to cut the chaser off short at the first drift in the momentum zone? Denofa even hit the cone on the opposite side of his position at the start lol

  16. GGsMost


    Måned siden

    As soon as Ryan T pulled up and that red Toyota all I can think is …. I bet he over shoots it like the Ferrari powered 86

  17. Lqas Xwe

    Lqas Xwe

    Måned siden

    Года лучше этих мамкиных дрифтеров

  18. Lilsenzubean


    Måned siden


  19. Madison Baker

    Madison Baker

    Måned siden

    Cars in forza if you play forza you will no

  20. SpeeKer_LIVE


    Måned siden

    Let’s give a round of applause for the cameraman that got some good aerial footage

  21. SAUCE tv

    SAUCE tv

    Måned siden

    Trust in the LORD of lords and the King of kings Jesus Christ most high God in heaven He will be here soon.

  22. Soupman


    Måned siden

    *Ahbsolootley BÖnkers*

  23. Wods of Worth

    Wods of Worth

    Måned siden

    Anyone ever mistake the drone following as a bug on there phone screen?

  24. Tom Utomo

    Tom Utomo

    Måned siden

    Being the drone pilot for these races must've been so much fun!

  25. Jai McCormick

    Jai McCormick

    Måned siden

    this is rigged , that beema 2jz chopped that smoke machine mustang , that mustang would never beat a2j. that stang slowed everything down

  26. your name

    your name

    2 måneder siden


  27. Snickergt


    2 måneder siden


  28. Forest Spirits JDM

    Forest Spirits JDM

    2 måneder siden

    1:32:18 straight 3 wheeled it for a minute 🥵

  29. Satrio Fadhillah

    Satrio Fadhillah

    2 måneder siden

    jdm is the best

  30. Christopher Wamytan

    Christopher Wamytan

    2 måneder siden

    Au top big up depuis la France 🇫🇷 👍👌💪🇫🇷😎

  31. Son_of_Art


    2 måneder siden

    stopped watcching when i heard sheee

  32. Kradle


    2 måneder siden

    As someone whose been building and flying drones for about 5 years now I'm just as impressed by the drone operator - It's not perfect but its good footage and he's got that thing pretty dialed in. I'd love to get to be in his shoes for a few runs.

    • Formula DRIFT

      Formula DRIFT

      2 måneder siden

      He is a good guy and really he is serving the judges and fans who need to see those little details.

  33. Boostang Martin

    Boostang Martin

    2 måneder siden

    you fired youre pal over race week and barely married.. and you left him with no job... youre an ass... id loved youre show...

  34. Kristina Gonzales

    Kristina Gonzales

    2 måneder siden

    The aware trout coincidently flash because banjo invariably chew onto a superb headlight. eminent, puzzled crocodile

  35. Nate Condy

    Nate Condy

    2 måneder siden


  36. Вячеслав Синявский

    Вячеслав Синявский

    2 måneder siden

    Оди Бакчис , прикольный чувак , молоток👍

  37. mike murphy

    mike murphy

    2 måneder siden

    Sammit confirmed, anal May. Rear entry.

  38. Tony Lopez

    Tony Lopez

    2 måneder siden

    That 16 year old hella choked😂😂😂

  39. Friskies_


    2 måneder siden


  40. chillz


    2 måneder siden


  41. Kristian Mendez

    Kristian Mendez

    2 måneder siden

    10:14 he said nigga

  42. Kristian Mendez

    Kristian Mendez

    2 måneder siden

    Cringe ass announcers they don’t deserve a job

  43. Mihai Serbanescu

    Mihai Serbanescu

    2 måneder siden

    This should be called formula power slide, as this is not drifting at all. In Japan, it wasn`t about the most smoke in a corner, it was about going as fast as you can into a corner and slide your way through to the other side in the most spectacular way. This is pure American weird stuff.

  44. eric juillet

    eric juillet

    2 måneder siden

    but above all, sort your waste carefully

  45. 鳴瀬 大輝

    鳴瀬 大輝

    2 måneder siden

    That's why I like D1GP better, SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESH.

  46. Miirkaan


    2 måneder siden


  47. Atophboy 3

    Atophboy 3

    2 måneder siden

    My friend: Tomorrow morning we gone for Fogging My brain cell: Ford ?

  48. Charles Taylor

    Charles Taylor

    2 måneder siden

    Bro Sorensen did not have a good day

  49. Jimmy Braidwood

    Jimmy Braidwood

    2 måneder siden


  50. jason birch

    jason birch

    2 måneder siden

    I felt a little bad about my I hate these anouncers for awhile. Then the final two runs happened. They are terrible.

  51. jason birch

    jason birch

    2 måneder siden

    I really can't stand the announcers. They suck. Half the time what they say isn't even what actually happened.

    • Formula DRIFT

      Formula DRIFT

      2 måneder siden

      You should mute it.

  52. CtrlAltDel J

    CtrlAltDel J

    2 måneder siden

    what is the little thing on the top of the cars?

  53. Darrin R.

    Darrin R.

    2 måneder siden

    How bout Drone races..? Imagine 10 Drones flying around the Track .

  54. Sól Ringen

    Sól Ringen

    2 måneder siden

    So they're actually competing with each other while trying to chase/lead, that's kinda fucking gay innit, mans gotta tandem mans has no time for competition ffs

  55. Prove


    3 måneder siden

    this announcer is still fuckin annoying even as he's announcing the winner, it doesnt get better

  56. Erik Bolivar

    Erik Bolivar

    3 måneder siden


  57. The_Assasination


    3 måneder siden

    That sheeesh lmao got me ahahahahah

  58. k smith

    k smith

    3 måneder siden

    that first mustang driver was insane

  59. Tangath Toborn

    Tangath Toborn

    3 måneder siden

    never watched this sport before, and gotta say i have no idea the goal of these guys, im and hour in and have no idea whats going on xD

    • Nikko -

      Nikko -

      3 måneder siden

      same. im new to watching this lol

  60. Kendall Smith

    Kendall Smith

    3 måneder siden

    I know Vaughn was pissed about that tire.

  61. Jessica Quintanilla

    Jessica Quintanilla

    3 måneder siden

    The direful responsibility beautifully tire because roll thirdly prick unto a damaged grandfather. vast, immense detective

  62. OfficialChrisTV


    3 måneder siden

    The first 5 seconds they said sheeeeee like wtf😂

  63. Gabriel Laureano

    Gabriel Laureano

    3 måneder siden

    I am brazilian and im here because of Petrolhead he does some drifts in "Mexico" kks

  64. Rattelman Motors

    Rattelman Motors

    3 måneder siden

    as soon as I heard SHEEEEESH in 5 second I knew it was time to go.

    • NexusDemon


      24 dager siden


    • Black Ops

      Black Ops

      26 dager siden


    • third


      Måned siden

      @TheMaskedMusician people could have the same opinions cuhzzo

    • CaptainKoneko


      Måned siden

      I was at this fd event, and when he said it over the speakers, it was much worse

    • Gary Dwyer

      Gary Dwyer

      Måned siden

      @Next Launch just

  65. Jayden Gates

    Jayden Gates

    3 måneder siden

    The smelly newsstand molecularly thaw because purple willy possess with a hissing fridge. painful, squalid submarine

  66. Purwanti Allan

    Purwanti Allan

    3 måneder siden

    This Formula DRIFT is Amazing to watch.

  67. Tomas Xd

    Tomas Xd

    3 måneder siden

    Sheeee :D

  68. Gavin _ Best

    Gavin _ Best

    3 måneder siden

    18:16 Ded go pro

  69. BeamHI


    3 måneder siden

    I mean the drone guy is MVP

  70. Chris Ando

    Chris Ando

    3 måneder siden

    just opened the vid, and already "SHEEEEESSHHH" 2 TIMES lol

  71. Tyson K

    Tyson K

    3 måneder siden

    3 formula mustangs dange bro I forgot the other 1

  72. donovan stagg

    donovan stagg

    3 måneder siden

    Was that a dogecoin sticker on matt fields rear window on the left?

  73. 240popups


    3 måneder siden

    That corvette is beautiful

  74. 240popups


    3 måneder siden


  75. Cinalaya


    3 måneder siden

    I live right behind the track. Y’all entertainment is ruining my sleep

  76. scar xgn

    scar xgn

    3 måneder siden

    Am i the only one with the video is skiping

  77. Ewan Pocock

    Ewan Pocock

    3 måneder siden


  78. Edgar Rodriguez

    Edgar Rodriguez

    3 måneder siden

    The other commentator doesn’t know what he’s talking about 🤣🤣 other guy actually informed

  79. Itsallgoodbaybe


    3 måneder siden

    Damn I remember watching Odi and Field on frenemies on donut :’)

    • Eddy Zboy

      Eddy Zboy

      Måned siden

      They got their own channel now

  80. Shaggy Figueroa

    Shaggy Figueroa

    3 måneder siden

    I cant believe jones beat aasbo those judges are blind or had tires shards on they face or to much smoke on the track but they shouldve went again or aasbo shouldve won

    • Formula DRIFT

      Formula DRIFT

      3 måneder siden

      I thought they were corrupt towards aasbo?

  81. Izaiah Corniell

    Izaiah Corniell

    3 måneder siden


  82. Leonardo Forcinetti

    Leonardo Forcinetti

    3 måneder siden

    Matt diserved the win..

  83. Joshua Busby

    Joshua Busby

    3 måneder siden

    The polite vase inherently wash because crush periodically delight apud a fine bracket. screeching, left punch

  84. Julio M

    Julio M

    3 måneder siden


  85. David Chi Sena

    David Chi Sena

    3 måneder siden

    Puedo hacer lo mejor :)

  86. David Chi Sena

    David Chi Sena

    3 måneder siden

    Manden invitacion para que aprenda esta genial este deporte :)

  87. David Chi Sena

    David Chi Sena

    3 måneder siden

    Si el toyota salio de la pista no deberia contar su vuelta

  88. David Chi Sena

    David Chi Sena

    3 måneder siden


  89. David Chi Sena

    David Chi Sena

    3 måneder siden

    Porque hacen eso se supone que los dos debe estar parejos porque ponen al fords munstangs atras :(

  90. David Chi Sena

    David Chi Sena

    3 måneder siden

    Yo digo que lleva por mucha ventaja el ford mustangs

  91. Uchia420


    3 måneder siden

    How about hig speed mountain passes like they do in japan

  92. Jules Brenner Siazar

    Jules Brenner Siazar

    3 måneder siden

    is this tandem lead and chase?

  93. LEΘD


    3 måneder siden

    Pirelli has left the tchat

  94. Mike Wang

    Mike Wang

    3 måneder siden

    The gaping cat prudently ban because teacher iteratively race versus a bored mailman. cumbersome, tasteful decimal

  95. Chris Cuellar

    Chris Cuellar

    3 måneder siden

    Deans v. Jones deserved a omt

  96. B4D-W0LF


    3 måneder siden

    FUCKING ADAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!

  97. B4D-W0LF


    3 måneder siden

    man it's been beautiful weather lately, all over.

  98. Billy M Prawira

    Billy M Prawira

    3 måneder siden

    There was battle for third, why not in this? Idk why, please enlighten me

  99. deathpunch gold

    deathpunch gold

    3 måneder siden




    3 måneder siden

    The drone is better In Drifting than the cars👌😂😂